About Peter

Dr. Peter Clemens has practiced medicine and lived in Ogden for over a decade, where he specializes in Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine and Primary Care Medicine. He has been married to Tammy for 35 years, and they are the proud parents of four college graduates and two high school students. Peter is an active member of the LDS church and an avid cyclist.

Peter is running to represent Utah in Congress from Utah Congressional District #1 because he believes that national policy-making has become "pay to play" and that federal policy needs to support the development of the backbone of America – the middle class. He feels strongly that:

  • Tax policy should favor the middle class.
  • Public education is a high priority and loans to pay college tuition should be affordable to families.
  • The historic role of agriculture and extractive industries in the west should be responsibly supported.
  • Conservation of Utah's natural resources and beauty is a priority given the growing economic importance of outdoor recreation.
  • All citizens should be treated equally regardless of gender or sexual preference and government policies should support the diverse social life and economic security of Utah's families.
  • Utah has a unique role to play in the development of emerging high technology and clean-energy industries.

Above all, Peter believes that Utah should be a clean and safe place where citizens can prosper, live free from government interference, and have access to jobs that support families.
For more information about Peter's candidacy, or to volunteer or make a contribution, please feel free to contact the Clemens for Congress Campaign

Endorsements for Peter Clemens

  • Peter Corroon, Former Salt Lake County Mayor
  • Bruce Wayne Bastian, B.W. Bastian Foundation, Human Rights Commission Board Member, and CoFounder of Word Perfect
  • Dee Smith, Weber County Attorney
  • Luis Lopez, Ogden City Council
  • Chris Corroon, Owner of Wasatch Marketing and Associates, Past Board President of the Utah Society for Environmental Education
  • Peter Metcalf, Black Diamond CEO
  • Amy Wicks, Ogden City Councilwoman
  • Lou Shurtliff, Former State Representative
  • Reed Richards, Former Weber County Attorney
  • Steve Dirks, Former Ogden Mayor
  • Pamela Udy, Former Davis County Chair
  • Morgan Bowen, Former 1st Congressional Candidate
  • Steve Olsen, Former Weber County Democrat Party Chair, State House District 9 Candidate, former 1st Congressional Candidate,
  • Ryan Combe, Former 1st Congressional Candidate
  • Weber State University Democrats
  • Deanna Byck, Sc. D., MPH, Utah Film Center
  • Ed Firmage, Quinney School of Law Professor
  • Lt. Colonel (ret.) Jon Shively and Raelene Shively
  • Michael Vause, Weber State University Professor
  • Jessie Kidd, DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts Head of Elementary Program
  • Ken and Anne Freimuth
  • Rick Ernst, Men of Park City
  • Mont Ogden
  • Bryan J. Smith, Only in Ogden Store and Gallery
  • Dr. Joseph Graham
  • Mike Monson
  • Julie Mata, local business owner