Overturning citizens United

In 2010 SCOTUS ruled that corporations have the same rights as people to spend money in elections. Campaign-finance laws reflecting the collective wisdom of generations of legal precedent were suddenly turned on their head.


Our Greatest Generation made a great country for us, and they deserve to have programs that they rely on protected.

Improving our Healthcare

As a nation, we spend more than any other country on healthcare, and yet we do not list in even the top ten on any ranking of health care systems worldwide.

Government Accountability

This is no longer the era of Speaker Tip O'Neill and President Ronald Reagan working together for the best interests of Americans.  Approval ratings of Congress are at an all-time low, and it is time for steps to be taken to show every American that Congress works for them, not for special interests.


Protecting Veterans and Federal Workers

Federal Workers are the backbone of Utah's economy, and our veterans risked their lives to protect everything that we hold dear.  Congress must listen to the their needs and do what is necessary to protect and thank them for their service.

Jobs and the Economy

There has been a continuous erosion of middle class wealth over the last few decades.  The gap between the middle class and the millionaires has grown by leaps and bounds as tax cuts go to the wealthiest while middle class wages stagnate.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is a family and economy issue.  I stand with the eight Utah university presidents that last year wrote a letter to our Congressional delegation calling for a comprehensive, bipartisan solution.

Conserving Natural Resources

Our environment is our economy.  Conservation of Utah’s natural resources and beauty is a priority given the growing economic importance of outdoor recreation. 

Education a Top Priority

My siblings and I received a great public school education which made it possible for us to chase and achieve our dreams.  Utah must continue our tradition of providing our youth with a first-class education so they can become a part of the new economy.

Common Sense Tax Policy

I am running for congress because I believe that national policy-making has become “pay to play” and that federal policy needs to support the development of the backbone of America – the middle class.